Who Needs A Server Manager Anyway?

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When I first created this service I figured that the obvious question in most people’s minds would be …why? After all, any dedicated server host provides a helpdesk if anything goes wrong.

The first main problem is that you generally won’t know that anything is wrong until it reaches a critical stage. That’s not to say that a server manager can always ‘nip problems in the bud’. but having someone proactively monitoring your server logs certainly increases the chance of catching any problems before they reach that critical stage.

Secondly, your server host is there mainly to ensure that the hardware is healthy. Whilst some hosts will go the extra yard when you find the server is slowing down or something isn’t working properly, most don’t really want to get involved in problems with scripts or web applications. At The Server Doctor we do take an active interest in these other problems and can provide various levels of assistance. Diagnosing the problem is included in the subscription and we can provide our technical and programming skills to our subscribers at a very competitive rate.

Thirdly, we’ve all heard of disasters that people have had with backups. I have seen situations where backups have appeared to be working perfectly for years but when you come to actually restore the data you find it has been corrupted in some way. Our approach is to provide a ‘disaster recovery’ backup service where we backup your data monthly and manually check that the data is really there. How we do this varies. If the bandwidth is available and your data is 1GB or less, we will back the data up to our own servers. If that option isn’t practical then we will help you get a second hard drive on your server and we will set the backup for you and check it each month.

There are several other reasons why having a server manager is an advantage. Day to day tasks such as script installations, adding domains, email accounts etc can all be done by our staff at a very low hourly rate. Our helpdesk is included in your subscription to answer any queries you may have about whether a particular script is compatible with your server and any other general questions.

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