WHM – Exclude specific accounts from backup

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I had a situation recently where a hard drive filled up because of the daily/weekly/monthly backup. It was a 1 Terabyte drive in a server that was used for hosting so it was a bit unusual, given that there were only 30 or 40 hosting accounts on there. It turns out that there were soem old accounts from an application that is no longer used. That particular application had a large amount of database (MySQL) data and when the CPanel account was compressed the size of the backup file was around 217GB. Multiply that by 3 for daily, weekly and monthly and you can see that it was using up an awful lot of hard drive space.

The customer wanted to keep the data for now, but it wasn’t important enough that it should be backed up. The solution is to go into the WHM backup configuration and scroll to the bottom and click on theĀ  ‘Select>>’ button. This allows you to de-select the accounts that you don’t want backed up. Alternatively, if you are abit of a unix head or want to disable backup of accounts with your own script, all you need to do is add the accounts that you don’t want backed up to /etc/cpbackup-userskip.conf. Just add the account username, one per line.

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