What’s Up With PayPal Lately?

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I’ve always been a big fan of PayPal. I joined back in 2001 and have brought them more than a few customers through my script development work. Now they’re not perfect and I know that to some people they are downright scary. There are many stories about PayPal merchants having their accounts frozen because someone at PayPal erroneously decided that the website that the merchant was promoting was outside their terms. In most cases, if it’s an honest mistake then the account is re-instated (unlike Google’s ‘we don’t like you and we’re not saying why¬†– please just go away forever’ policy). It does seem to happen a little too often though.

Anyway, that’s not the subject of this post. I’m finding in recent months and even going back a year or so, PayPal is becoming less and less reliable. It seems that every 2 or 3 months there’s a major lag with IPN transactions … which kind of defeats the whole INSTANT payment notification concept. I don’t know about you, but I break out in a cold sweat any time that IPN transactions are delayed for more than a few minutes.

A lot of online systems are set up to cater for the impulse .. I WANT IT NOW!!! … kind of buyer. And as we all know, when that kind of buyer doesn’t get instant satisfaction you can expect a slew of tickets on the helpdesk or an inbox full od emails…some accusing you of being some kind of ‘scammer’ whilst others are happy just to mention how crappy your service is.

Lately I’ve found that it can be a major effort just to log in to PayPal. Over the past month the ‘Click here to retry’ message is showing more and more often. Just today I had to go through the login process 6 times before it actually let me in. I find it very annoying and somewhat bewildering that a company the size of PayPal is having so many of these issues and glitches.

Am I the only one experiencing these problems on a regular basis or are you seeing the same thing too?

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