Stop Being Lazy With Passwords – Today!

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Do you know that one of the major causes of servers being broken into is laziness? It’s true. No-one wants to hear that they are lazy, but how often have you set a password on a website with only one thought in mind – something that is easy to remember? Generally speaking, passwords that are easy to remember include people’s names, dates and plain english words. This makes breaking into accounts and servers way too easy.

Not surprisingly we humans tend to have similar patterns of thinking so the average computer criminal doesn’t have to think about it for very long before he/she will come up with some language and number patters that will get them into online membership areas and servers. Let’s take the classic example of a birthdate. I could write a program in less than an hour that would go through a dictionary of names … real names like Bob, John, Fred etc as well as the other common logins such as admin, administrator and supervisor. I could then have it go through every date from, say, 1950 to the present and have it try to log into servers with those name/date combinations. I can pretty much guarantee you that I would be able to get into at least a few accounts that way.

If you’re breaking out in a cold sweat because your PayPal or bank account has one of those name/date style combinations then you really should change the name AND the password without delay.

So, what do we do about the ‘hassle’ of remembering strong passwords. Better yet, what is a strong password exactly? A strong password has a combination of letters (upper case and lower case), numbers, symbols and punctuation and is at least 8 characters long. So, an example, a strong password could be dP4.ty9%. The longer the password is, the harder it is to ‘crack’. And that difficulty goes up exponentially due to the number of possible combinations of characters that are added each time you add another character to the password length.

Getting back to the ‘hassle’ of strong passwords. The solution is easy. Use Roboform. Roboform is a trusted and secure way to store all of your passwords on your own computer. It’s easy to back up (and very handy if you want to copy all of your logins and passwords over to another computer). Roboform also gives you single-click access to all the websites and accounts you log into. So, even for the very lazy …it actually makes logging in EVEN EASIER than having to remember a WEAK password.

Roboform is free with a limit on the number of sites you can add. The ‘pro’ version has no limits and is well worth the $30 one time upgrade fee. You can check it out by clicking HERE or on the banner below.

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