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I’ve said in the past that cheapest isn’t always best. I certainly haven’t changed my stance on that but there are always some cheap options with some of the tier 1 hosting companies. What do I mean by tier 1 hosting companies? Those are the hosts who operate their own data centers. They aren’t ‘middle men’ or re-sellers so they have their own support and technical staff.

I was poking around the Layered Tech site yesterday, looking for a cheap dedicated server in their ‘Server Specials‘ area and the cheapest dedicated server was $99/mth. A bit pricey as all I was after was a server to set up a low activity test site. For whatever reason, I clicked on the ‘Layered Now‘ link and found a range of servers there priced from $59/mth. Now that’s more like it. If you are after a cheap dedicated server for backups, testing or development these ones are great .. and the whole ‘Layered Now’ selling point is that they will be set up within 2 hours of your payment being verified! If they take any longer than that, you get the first month free.

Ok..so, not being one to put all my eggs in one basket, I checked some prices at APlus.net. They have a good range of cheap dedicated servers as well. The APlus.net ‘Value Servers‘ start at $49/mth. Keep in mind though that all except the $49 server have an additional setup fee. One of the nice things about APlus is that there’s always someone there at their live chat desk. That’s handy if you’re not sure what you want or you need to check on some of their specs and/or prices. You may even find that you can get a discount or free setup if you talk to the right person and haggle a little ;).

If you’re wondering which host I went with this time…Layered Tech. I was going to get the APlus server but they don’t take PayPal.

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