Do Your Customers Trust You?

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I’m sure you’ve seen web sites that carry various ‘trust’ logos. Trust is important when you expect the public to enter their personal information on your website. It may well be that you are entirely trustworthy and dedicated to the protection of your customers information, but is that the first perception they get when they land on your website?

Website and business certification services have been around since the 1990’s. The main difficulty with most services has been the high cost. Most small businesses can’t afford several thousand dollars per year. There have been (and probably still are) a handful of cheaper services around but you generally get what you pay for and some of the cheaper services are a bit dubious. They only provide very basic verification checks and for that reason they aren’t particularly trustworthy.

Trust-Guard provide business verification, PCI compliance/security scanning and other verification services at a fraction of the cost of most similar services. Their verification methods are second to none and include verification of your businesses website URL, business address, support phone number, support email address, managing member address (kept private), managing member phone number (kept private) and managing member email address (kept private). All of these aspects of your business are checked and verified, not by simply looking up online records but by actual contact being made to each of these contact points. Trust-Guard are just as diligent with PCI compliance, security scanning and privacy policy compliance.

The best part is that the cost for these very professional services ranges from $47-$87 per month. Business and website certification can significantly increase your website sales and with such a low cost there is no excuse to be missing out on sales due to a poor perception of the trustworthiness of your web site.

Full details and pricing are available at  The Trust-Guard Website.

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