Do I Really Need A Firewall?

Filed under General | Posted by Gary

Absolutely! Putting a server online with no firewall is akin to having your own computer on the internet with no firewall, no antivirus and no anti-spyware software. It’s not a matter of IF someone will break in, but rather WHEN they will break in. Did you know that most dedicated servers will be targeted by automated ‘cracking’ programs within hours of being deployed? I always check the server logs just prior to installing firewall software and I typically see anything from 10,000 to 30,000 cracking attempts per day that have been logged.


These automated programs simply run through combinations of usernames and passwords until they find a combination that will allow them to log in. Once your server has been cracked, the person who gains access can use your server for a multitude of purposes including running the same cracking software that they used on your server, to try to break into other servers. Some may use your server as a file download repository or a ‘zombie’ spam relay whilst others are only interested in deleting files and/or defacing your web site.


Most dedicated servers are provided with no firewall installed. They are basically wide open to attack. This isn’t because the host is shirking their responsibility but rather that they have no idea what services you will be running, so it is, in most cases, better to leave the firewall configuration to you. I can not stress enough, the importance of having your server security checked and a firewall installed and configured. It is an absolute must!

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