Dedicated Server Control Panels

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When choosing a dedicated server package it is well worth your time to look at the type of control panel that comes with your server.

I should say right now that I am very biased. I have several dedicated servers and also recommend to my own clients  that they look for a server package that includes WHM (Web Host Manager). WHM is the control panel that is used with hosting accounts that have the CPanel control panel. WHM is like the ‘master control’. I have used the Plesk and Ensim control panels and they really don’t come anywhere near WHM/CPanel in terms of functionality, control and user friendliness.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a learning curve involved. With any application or script that provides many functions there is always going to be some learning involved. Here are my top 5 reasons I choose WHM / CPanel over other control panels:

Total Control – With WHM you have control over many more system parameters and constraints than with any of the other control panels.

Security – WHM provides a security center that allows you to easily allow and deny IPs, set the security level of your firewall and carry out basic system scans for trojans, rootkits and viruses.

Versatility – You can use a WHM/CPanel server to operate hundreds of your own domains and sites or you can provide reseller style accounts, giving control to others.

Utilities – Most WHM/CPanel installations include Fantastico which provides you with a large range of scripts and tools which can be installed with just a few clicks.

Support – CPanel provide excellent support and there is also a very active community forum and WHM/CPanel related training available from third parties.

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