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As is the case with most services, the quality of hosting providers varies greatly. I have used several hosting services, both shared and dedicated, and also operate my own small server ‘farm’. These recommendations are based purely on my own experience as well as experience I’ve had working on servers at other providers.

The first and most important advice I can give you is to beware of resellers. I’m not going to say that all resellers are bad. After all, many resellers are, like myself, people who have been active in the IT industry since before the Internet became a commercial ‘space’. Still, I often find that I am providing server management services simply because the hosting provider is a small business person who knows little about IT and just doesn’t have the knowledge or skills to provide any meaningful advice or support.

By way of recommendations I am going to provide a short list of hosting companies that I know, from my own experience, are professional hosts with qualified technical staff that are able to provide you a satisfactory level of service.

Rackspace – These guys are probably the ‘Rolls Royce’ of hosting companies. If you have the money to spend then you will enjoy their ‘fanatical service’. Rackspace have their own data centers and can provide advanced configurations such as load balanced server clusters. An expensive option but the support is unequaled.

Layered Technologies – I have three of my own dedicated servers with Layered Technologies and I can say that the support has always been excellent. Turnaround time on support tickets has never been more than around 8 hours (quite often less than an hour). Layered Tech also offer many configurations from basic dedicated servers to load balanced clusters and even your own ‘virtual data center’. They also accept PayPal as a payment method for monthly fees. LT also have specials from time to time. I needed a low end server some months ago and was able to get a reasonably fast server for $75/mth.

– Like most large hosts, HostGator seem to have a ‘love ’em or hate ’em’ reputation with some people. I’d venture to say that the people who like HostGator far outnumber the small percentage who don’t. I have some shared hosting on their service and I also manage several HG dedicated servers. Their service has been as responsive as LT, with a very fast response to tickets and they’re more than happy to do some diagnostics for you if you feel that your server is slowing or misbehaving.

Lunarpages – I had a shared hosting account with Lunarpages for around 12 months (until I realised I had waay too many shared server accounts)! Lunarpages are one of the most professional hosts I’ve dealed with. Prompt support, excellent uptime and very affordable. Their servers are fast and they provide a great range of features for various scripts and applications that you may want to have hosted on your site. I have no hesitation at all in recommending them as I didn’t have a single issue during the time I had sites hosted on their servers.

GMD Hosting – I manage several servers that are hosted at GMD. This is a hosting company operated by Pat Lovell and Jon Atwood, a couple of guys who are well known in Internet marketing circles. Both had been providing their own hosting services, which they amalgamated this year. The result is a reasonably priced range of hosting plans for a company with a competent technical staff and a very successful marketing background.

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    Thanks for this wonderful allocation about choosing a dedicated host. Its my real pleasure I'v got here provided all the vital information about choosing a dedicated host before to select my website hosting plan. Thanks dude and keep up the good work. 🙂

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