BlogRush – Bums Rush?

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Up until recently I had a BlogRush widget on this site. However, for some reason which they didn’t even bother to tell me, they decided that The Dedicated Server Doctor didn’t meet their quality guidelines.

This led me to do a search and see how many others of the 10,000 or so they ‘deactivated’ felt that their was something not quite right. What I found really surprised me. Many comments from other BlogRush members, many of who had either removed the BlogRush widget weeks ago, saying that they had received the ‘congratulations’ email for having a quality blog. There were also some really excellent blogs that were unceremoniously dumped. In one case where a blog had been re-instated there was apparently an apology from BlogRush owner John Reese because the  blog had been deactivated ‘due to a typo’.

Whilst I’m not going to lose any sleep I’ll make a few points and then I’ll get over it 🙂

* Many blog owners received emails that basically said ‘you don’t meet our guidelines’ but didn’t mention the actual reason, so it’s like ‘you don’t meet our guidelines .. go read them and work out why’. Personally I think that’s just a little bit rude. I know I certainly couldn’t work out which guideline I supposedly wasn’t meeting.

* When ex-blogrushers started complaining, Reese locked comments on his blog, the Warrior forum deleted posts about BlogRush and a thread that Reese started to ‘explain’ was locked once warrior members started replying.

* It is abundantly obvious that the ‘quality control review team’ is a group of individuals who are all interpreting the guidelines in their own special way.

That’s all I have to say about that!

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