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Our Dedicated Server Doctor staff is a group of IT consultants with a minimum of five years in the IT and Internet provision industry.
If you host your site on a dedicated server then The Dedicated Server Doctor can help to ensure that your server is secure, data is backed up and services are running efficiently. Gary Smith, the resident ‘server doctor’ has been building, installing, configuring and securing Internet servers since 1995. During this time he has developed practices and procedures that assist in minimizing a server’s vulnerability to unwanted intruders, preventing catastrophic data loss and ensuring general server health. Like most computer systems, dedicated servers usually aren’t optimized when they are deployed and they are not a ‘set and forget’ device. Dedicated servers require periodic maintenance and, ideally, proactive monitoring
We also provide other services such as script installations, trouble shooting of errors in existing scripts, and support for sites that have been hacked and/or defaced.
I feel much safer now knowing that my server is more secure. It’s always great to have a real professional make sure your server is in top form. What Gary did in a couple hours, would have taken me days. Thank you Gary. Tim Rash owner programmer guy

Your Own Server Manager

A Dedicated Server Doctor subscription is like having your own server manager. We will monitor your server, check regularly for access violations and provide assistance through our helpdesk. We can also carry out general work such as script installations, adding domains and adding email accounts at a reduced rate. Our standard consultation provides a one-time security hardening and optimization for your server.

How Much Do You Know About Your Server?

If you answer no to, or are unable to answer any of the following questions then it may be that you require the services of the dedicated server doctor!

  • Do you perform regular scans for malicious software on your server? Many web servers are vulnerable to exploits that allow software to be installed that may be used to attempt to break in to other servers, send unsolicited email or upload pirated music, videos and software.
  • Do you know if your server has a properly configured firewall? You would be surprised at how many dedicated servers are provided with absolutely no firewall protection. Quite often they are loaded with a default operating system installation and wide open to attack.
  • Do you check your server logs regularly for signs of break-in attempts or critical server issues? If your server is the target of an attack, this will usually show up in the server logs. Actions can be taken to reduce the risk of unauthorised persons from gaining access to your server.
  • Do you take regular backups of your files? Whilst there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of your server being broken into, there are no solutions that provide 100% protection. There are just too many variables such as the multitude of scripts and software you might have installed on your server. Performing regular backups is essential to minimize the impact on your business if someone does manage to get past your server defenses.
  • Do you know if your backups are working correctly? You may have heard the story yourself. Where a person or business has been making regular backups only to find out that the backup data was incomplete or unreadable. Backups need to be verified from time to time to ensure that the backup is running correctly.
  • Does your server have a correctly configured mail server with reverse MX? If your mail server isn’t configured with a valid reverse MX record some of your mail may not be delivered.
  • Is your DNS server secure? An open DNS server is all too common. Many Linux operating systems have a default configuration which leaves your DNS server open to ‘hijacking’. If you answered no or were unable to answer some of these questions then our Dedicated Server Doctor service can assist you in making your server more secure, properly configured and in good health. We have several packages available depending on your requirements and budget.

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